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4 days ago

Child sex trafficking: Why Cambodia?

Story highlightsCorruption, poverty and a bloody past have produced Cambodia a little one intercourse trade hotspotKhmer Rouge's systematic destruction of society led to the death of two million in the 1970sReport: Culture plays a part as "saying 'no' to an grownup is not simply tolerated"

Svay Pak is a poor fishing village on the outskirt of Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh, acknowledged globally as a location for youngster intercourse.

It's a spot in which mothers promote their own daughters to youngster traffickers, who provide them to brothels locally and across the country.

But how has this kind of a perverse trade been in a position to get root, allow alone flourish here?

Mark Capaldi, senior researcher for Ecpat Global, an organization committed to combating the sexual exploitation of youngsters, says numerous elements.

have created Cambodia a prime destination for youngster intercourse offenders.

"Insufficiently enforced laws, corruption, and the failure to handle a lot more overarching difficulties this kind of as poverty and the damaging side results of globalization have created it a challenge for the nation to shed the unenviable track record as a destination for little one sex," he says.

The authors of a 2011 Ecpat Global report identified a number of cultural and sociological aspects that made Cambodian children "especially vulnerable to grownup predators." "It has been observed that Cambodian children are without a doubt anticipated to abide by principles set forth by adults, and saying 'no' to an adult is website traffic hog not easily tolerated," reads the report.

But what of the acceptance and ready participation of so several locals, like mothers and fathers themselves, in the trade? For Don Brewster -- head of Agape Worldwide Missions, which aids Cambodian youngster survivors of the sex trade -- part of the answer as to why so a lot of grownups in Svay Pak are ready to abnegate their parental duty to shield may possibly lie in Cambodia's brutal current past, which left behind a fractured society.

"What this nation went through was distinctive in history," says Brewster, of the Khmer Rouge's systematic destruction of religious, educational and social structures -- not least of which the family members unit -- in the course of its genocidal 1975-79 reign.

When Pol Pot's maniacal experiment ended, 2 million men and women have been dead, and society's institutions almost erased. "You misplaced your educated folks and the program of educating them you lost the moral compass that Buddhism offered," he says.'> one-intercourse-trafficking/index.html

1 week ago

Marketing & Advertising :: Online Ninja Marketing

Ninja Marketing is the art of advertising thru sources where nobody expect advertising or to hijack somebody else marketing for your product. This tactic is common used in offline marketing, but you can easily adopt it for your online marketing.

First I want to show you some simple ideas of offline ninja marketing before I show you how to use similar concepts online. Do you use public transportations to go to work in the morning? If you answer with yes you have probably noticed all those thrown away newspapers that get picked up by someone. You can easy put a flyer into them and get your message spread. You know those little yellow Post-It stickers? Write your advertisement on it and

2 weeks ago

Bulk Email Marketing - InfoBarrel

Safelists Email MarketingFree Web Marketing

Blasting an e mail advertisement to folks who request to get info can help direct site visitors to your referral hyperlinks, articles or blog posts, blogs and web sites without having the worry of your advertisement ever being deemed spam.

This article speaks about making use of totally free to join Safelists to blast e mail adverts to 1000's of Opt-In members free, how to use their text and banner ad rotator free and how a publisher, affiliate and Amazon associate can advantage in a huge way by making use of this form of cost-free promoting.

Email Promoting At It's Very best

Safelists are employed by two distinct kinds

3 weeks ago

How to Make Money With Online Ezines

Are you struggling to get targeted traffic to your website? Don't fret, because I want to show you how to make money with online ezines in just 3 simple steps.

1. First, let's clear up any confusion about what an ezine is. An ezine is an electronic magazine. In other words, a digital version of what you would find on the magazine rack at your grocery or book store. There are essentially three ways you can advertise in an ezine, and the first way is to take out a Classified Ad. This is the least expensive way to advertise because your ad is simply a small line of text placed directly on the ezine.

2. The second way to advertise is to take out a Sponsored Ad. If you've ever gone to any website and noticed a banner ad at the top, along the side, or at the bottom of the web page, then that is a Sponsored Ad. A Sponsored Ad gives you much email swipe more exposure, but.

is more expensive than a Classified Ad.


The third way to advertise is to take out what is known as a Solo Ad. This by far is the most effective and targeted way to get your ad viewed by readers. Instead of your ad just sitting on a webpage, it is now delivered to all of the subscribers of that particular ezine via email.

Typically when a reader receives their ezine via email, your ad will appear at the top of that email. This is so powerful because it is nearly impossible for your ad not to get read.

Now that you know the three ways to make money with online ezines, all you have to do now is know where to find a directory of ezines. Simply go to Google and type in "directory of ezines", and you will get hundreds of results back.

2 months ago

Mobile App Helps Immigrants Apply for Citizenship

Overlook about Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. A new mobile app aims to support green card holders apply for American citizenship.

CitizenshipWorks presently exists in site type. The web site, which is partnered with many immigration advocacy and legal help organizations, prides itself on becoming a a single-stop-store to assist legal permanent residents residing in the United States naturalize, and they've got a 2012 Webby award ("Greatest Law Site of 2012") to back it up. On Tuesday, the details they supply became offered on smartphones, too.

The free of charge app is obtainable in English and Spanish. Like the web site, it aids folks figure out whether or not they qualify for c

2 months ago

Mobile apps overtake PC Web usage in U.S.

Mobile products accounted for fifty five% of World wide web utilization in the United States in January. Apps made up 47% of Web traffic and eight% of site visitors came from mobile browsers, in accordance to information from comScore, cited Thursday by research firm Enders Analysis. PCs clocked in at 45%.

Although total Net utilization on website mobile builder mobile devices has previously exceeded that on PCs, this is the first time it is took place for app utilization alone.

The shift follows a freefall in Pc product sales, which suffered their worst decline in background last yr.

Smartphone adoption, meanwhile, enhanced 39%, acording to study firm IDC. This trend will probably continue thanks to enhanced consumer experience on mobile apps and the expansion of substantial-velocity 4G entry, mentioned Andrew Lipsman, vice president of advertising and insights at comScore (SCOR).

As of January, 55% of American grownups had smartphones, whilst 42% owned tablets, according to the Pew Study Center.

CNNMoney (New York) Initial published February 28, 2014: 8:34 AM ET wide web/index.html

3 months ago

Mobile apps overtake PC Web usage in U.S.

Mobile devices accounted with regard to 55% involving Web usage within the United States of America throughout January. Apps made up 47% regarding Web targeted traffic and 8% of visitors originated in mobile browsers, according to data coming from comScore, cited Thursday by simply study firm Enders Analysis. PCs clocked throughout in 45%.

Even though total World wide web utilization on cellular devices has formerly exceeded in which upon PCs, this truly is the first moment it's happened pertaining to app usage alone.

the shift follows a freefall in PC sales, that suffered their own worst decline in history last year.

Smartphone adoption, meanwhile, increased 39%, acording to research firm IDC. This trend will likely continue thanks for you to improved user experience in mobile apps and the expansion associated with high-speed 4G access, mentioned Andrew Lipsman, vice president of promoting along with insights with comScore (SCOR).

Because involving January, 55% involving American adults had smartphones, although 42% owned tablets, according towards app the Pew research Center.

CNNMoney (New York) Very first revealed February 28, 2014: 8:34 AM ET

3 months ago

The Latest on AXS

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3 months ago

The Knot Unveils Top 11 Wedding Trends for 2011

NEW YORK--(Business WIRE)--Music movies, moonshine and guy caves. These are not the makings of a

bachelor party they are actually three of the best 2011 wedding trends.

(NASDAQ: KNOT), the #1 on the web wedding

planning resource, right now released its annual forecast for the

hottest wedding trends for 2011.

"No matter whether it really is Boardwalk Empire, meals trucks or man caves, 2011

couples will want a wedding ceremony that reflects their personalized passions, displays

visitors a truly good time and, ultimately, will be an event that individuals

will speak about for months to come," predicts Carley Roney, cofou

4 months ago

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